Company‘s intro:
Gold bridge Media is now successfully producing own programme formats across the Pakistan honest efficiency and services have been GBM’S philosophy for over 10 years as a leading production company in the competitive, challenging and ever-changing industry in Pakistan.
Gold bridge media has added certain other important values to the principles of growth and success GBM stress the important of foresight diversity and to view the future for television industry in the region with confidence.

In 2001 a young mechanical engineer and talented sportsman Syed Mukhtar Ahmed started his journey in production with a single play, with all his efforts and blessing of his mother a devoted producer put gold bridge media on top and now appreciated by all the renowned artist and have been recognized in TV industry.

Audio visual technology:
Our audio visual department is expertly supervised by a team of technical staff who are widely experienced in audio visual projects.
In time the company dynamics technology approach, this department bring together the latest and best in multimedia technology. GBM is keeping ahead in a fast growing and ever- changing area which includes computer graphics technology and its many applications’ to integrate audio visual techniques.

One of the first thing we learned was that our greatest is people working with us. Whether in administration, equipment or in all production areas, expertise, efficiency and experience to go together in the people who are from our teams.

Achievement award:
In the year 2010 Syed Mukhtar Ahmed have won the hum TV award for the best producer. Gold bridge media has produced some memorable serials and soups like Masi Malka, Samdhan and many more etc

Mukhtar Ahmed
We’re passionate about television and pride ourselves on making high quality Programmes that are loved by viewers
Gold bridge media is an independent television production company knows for the originality and attention to detail we give to our production.



Syed Mukhtar Ahmed
Chief Executive Officer

M.Shahid Shaikh
GM Operations